As the days are gone fats, VOIP services rates are also getting down very faster because of competition in the market. You are finding to make cheap calls to Srilanka with help of VOIP service by using any mean of communication or any type of messenger like yahoo, Google talk, MSN messenger etc. These are the best but for putting more quality use headphones instead of speakers to make good quality of voice and many more. To know about how these messengers becomes more efficient in making free calls or cheap calls to Srilanka read the below paragraphs.


It is very easily available on internet world from where you can download it and make free call to your friends internationally. It is also available in Andriod or Iphones that helps in making cheap calls to Srilanka if you cannot got this messenger just visit

Yahoo Messenger:

For making cheap calls to Srilanka yahoo messenger is also one of the best ways to connect with your loved ones internationally. After login with this messenger just enter 18003733411 this number and when operator said free call then you enter you required destination number.


Freecall is the way which provides you two way communications one for mobile phones and the other is from landlines to make cheap calls to Srilanka. It is also provides its services in more than 40 countries with 90 days plan of making free calls. The cheap way to get connected with your friends and family members just visit

Free calls from Gmail:

Making cheap calls to Srilanka gtalk is also an authentic way to connect it only requires and Gmail account for connection.

These are ways through which you can better connected with your friends, family members and loved ones for making free calls or cheap calls to Srilanka. On the other hand, Gizmo5 and Flas2VOIP are also provides the same services to make cheap calls to Srilanka.

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