When the technology world doesn’t advanced their services or when there are very hard to contact with your friends and your loved ones abroad then how people feels, how much difficulties and complications face by the people who are in abroad away from their family members. But now the whole scenario is become changed technology world become advanced and now also you can make your communications through several means but the best ever mean is through VOIP.

There are hundreds of VOIP service providers who provide free calls on trial to you but not properly fulfill their commitments. You can avail the service of free international calls throughairtouchlink.com without facing any difficulty and it also provide best services of making free calls. The airtouchlinks.com offers us $US 1 to just trial its VOIP call services mean 100 free minutes for making free calls internationally. The procedure to get the service of free international calls is includes some important step that helps you to reach the service providers.

You can avail this service from below mentioned procedure:

1.      In the beginning, you have to visit the website and make an account to register yourself on the site from here.

2.      After that you receive an email which tells you that you have register with airtouchlinks.com then you can just enter login with your own account to making free calls.

3.      Then enter your to website in this way like 4471813557 you have no need to use country code because this for US phone numbers, if you want international call then you can use (Google Voice or Whistle) which helps you out.

This confirmation gives you an access number which helps you in the making of free calls that contains numbers and alphabets in it. Enter this number first when you are going to make free calls, this could help you in the making free international calls without any disturbance and distortion.


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